Rich - the owner and operator of Murals & So Much More is a Chicago born and based Artist, Carpenter and Designer.

A little history on the Artist/Owner:
Murals & So Much More has been in business since the spring of ’91 when the artist/owner graduated from Parsons School of design with a BFA in Illustration. Upon returning home from New York – the focus of the business was Freelance Illustration for numerous advertising agencies as well as having completed over 35 murals in and around the chicagoland area – both residential and commercial.

In the end of ‘95 a change of scenery was sought after which resulted in a 10 year stint away from Chicago. With the bulk of it in Los Angeles working in the TV/Film business in the Art Dept. From Set dresser all the way to Production was during that time in LA that the Carpentry bug bit, took hold and never let go.

In 2005 – after a year in Montana – it was time to return to Chicago where Murals & So Much More went into full force offering so much more than painting and Illustration.

A little bit about Murals & So Much More:
Murals & So Much More can and does provide for all of your art and custom creation needs. From small handheld painted wooden eggs given as corporate gifts to 40′ murals to one of a kind furniture pieces to tree houses and play houses to designing, creating and installing movie and event sets. While the bulk of the work has been done for private clients/commissions…many jobs have also been for major studios, independent filmmakers, businesses and also several charitable organizations.

There have been many many satisfied customers over the years and Murals & So Much More prides itself in producing a product of high quality while also completing it within a reasonable time frame AND Staying on or under budget. Working WITH the client to ensure that either he or she is not only getting what they are wanting but also that they are thrilled to be getting their ideas brought to life..That’s part of the fun of what we do.

Some jobs will be designed and built and finished in the Murals & So Much More shop in the East Pilsen area of Chicago. Certain jobs/projects must be done on site and when that is the situation it is our strict practice to not only set and adhere to a schedule (showing up when we say we will) but also to do our best to be virtually invisible at the end of the day. We will leave your house or business free from debris and mess of any kind.

There is no set price for our services – since every job is unique – every price is unique to that specific project. The pricing can be set up as per job or per hour. It depends on your specific project – some work better with an hourly rate and some are better with a flat fee.

We do NOT quote over the phone – a free site visit is the best way to get even just an estimate or idea of the cost.

Getting started:
Interested in having Murals & So Much More create something for you?
Call (312) 636-6018 to set up a free consultation/site visit today.Someone will return your call within 24 hours if unable to pick up the phone right then.

While the initial consultation is fee (or site visit fee), there is a small design fee when creating your one-of a kind custom design/proposal package. This amount reflects a small percentage of the total cost of the project. But if the job is awarded – that design fee gets refunded by way of subtracting it from the final payment.